Resolutionary Art Spotlight



Why Pedal More:
Last June I bought my first bike in more than 10 years with the main goal of exercising, plain and simple. However, over the next several months it grew into something more than burning calories. It became my stress reliever, my alone / thinking time, and a time in to get lost in my special hand crafted biking mixes/playlists. Getting healthy(ier) is still one of my main objectives, but being able to get other benefits out of biking is just icing on the cake (healthy edit) the bees knees.

Keeping Resolutions:
Just like at the office, setting monthly and quarterly benchmarks goals holds you accountable, and keeps that drive alive even during the winter months with slightly colder evenings, and limited daylight after work hours. 18 days into 2013, I signed up for the 2013 Tour De Cure: Tampa 35-mile ride. This event is “where riders of all levels join forces in the fight to Stop Diabetes and raise critical funds for diabetes research, education and advocacy in support of the American Diabetes Association.” Once the 35-mile ride is crossed from my to-do list, I plan on switching gears and focus on training for the 2014 Tour de Cure … this time with my eye on the 62-mile route.

Having diabetes for the last 18+ years, I have been part of many Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation events; however, this is the first time I have made fundraising my main focus. So far, I have been able to secure (through many very generous donors) more than ten times more funds, than my initial $200 goal. As the donations increased, my fundraising goal kept climbing. Currently, I am at 89% of my lofty $2,500 goal, and hope to secure that last 11% in the next 12 days (by April 7). Please visit my site to find more information about the event and donating.

Behind the Art:
So what provided the inspiration for the artwork? Both Brian Allen (the art director) and I are big fans of stencils and screen printing, so we wanted to incorporate some of those elements into the overall design. The background design is a combination of layered street maps of Austin, Denver, NYC and San Francisco, as well as some local streets that I pedal down on a regular basis, like Safety Harbor and Downtown Tampa. The final product was perfect.

To find inspiration for your own 2013 goals, be sure to check out all of the great Resolutionary Artwork from the ChappellRoberts team. For now, I’ll leave you with my favorite playlist to get the wheels turning…

1. The Menzingers – The Obituaries
2. The Gaslight Anthem – 45
3. Mixtapes – Hope Springs Eternal
4. Defiance, OH – Bike and Bridges
5. Frank Turner – Try this at home
6. Old Man Markley – Blood on my Hands
7. Hot Water Music – Kill the Night
8. Cobra Skulls – Cobra Skulls at The Top of Your Lungs
9. The Killers – Under the Gun
10. The Lawrence Arms – The Slowest Drink At The Saddest Bar On The Snowiest Day In The Greatest City
11. Masked Intruder – Heart Shaped Guitar
12. Mean Jeans – Slime Time
13. The Steinways – Always Never
14. Down by Law – Tiny Answers
15. Tim Barry – Church of Level Track
16. No Use for A Name – Lies can’t Pretend
17. Bouncing Souls – That Song
18. Consumed – Something to Do
19. Comeback Kid – Final Goodbye


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