Ready. Set. Ride.

Accountability. It’s a word we’ve all heard before. But how often do we practice the act of accountability? For most people, myself included, being accountable for a personal goal is hard. Life gets in the way. That’s why having an accountability partner is extremely helpful! Lucky for me, I have multiple accountability partners that I can count on to keep me motivated.

I attended my first spin class while visiting a friend in Chicago at a place called Soul Cycle. One class and I was hooked. Unfortunately for me, Soul Cycle didn’t have a location in Tampa. I tried the spin classes at my local YMCA and LA Fitness and they just weren’t quite the same. I kept hoping I would see an announcement for a Soul Cycle popping up in Tampa during my many online searches, that’s when I stumbled upon CycleBar. I love everything about CycleBar. The studio ambiance, the instructors, the theme rides – it’s just fun, not to mention a bad ass workout. When our Vice President held a special charity ride there last April, it gave the opportunity for several of our agency team members to come out and ride. No surprise – after that first ride – they were hooked too.

Since that ride last spring, there’s a whole group of ChappellRoberts employees that go on a regular basis. We have a group text, “The CycleBar Cult”, where we share results, pictures, let each other know what classes we’ve signed up for, and just generally keep each other motivated.

Starting at the end of January, we came up with another way to keep each accountable and motivated to keep riding – a mileage contest. Whoever reaches 150 miles first wins. It’s a fun way to track our individual progress and achievements.

If you’ve set personal goals for yourself for the upcoming year, be it personal or professional, I highly recommend appointing someone to be your accountability partner, or in my case, partners. AND, if you’ve never taken a spin class – be sure to check out CycleBar. You won’t be disappointed.

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