Question: What is Business As Usual in Florida?

As a business owner who travels quite a bit, I’m often asked about the business climate in Florida and Tampa Bay. I keep my eyes on news and online conversations to stay up-to-date on what others outside of our region perceive as “business as usual.” Often on Twitter, what surfaces is mostly clichés or complaints. But recently, Florida ranked highly on some pretty prestigious lists.


I think there is another story to tell that validates the work being done by our city, county and state economic development organizations. So, let’s start a new conversation, a positive one that portrays a positive Florida business climate. Join us at #CRBusinessAsUsual.

Check out these Fast Company indicators that it’s anything but business as usual in Florida.

What does this mean for Tampa Bay?

Where do we see this growth being fostered in Tampa Bay?

With organizations like the Tampa Bay Partnership, Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation and Tampa Bay Technology Forum all working toward this common goal and helping to support events like MediFuture 2023, we will continue to grow. To challenge ourselves. To innovate.

What role will you play in moving business and this entrepreneurial spirit forward? What other great business news is happening throughout Florida?

Let us know at #CRBusinessAsUsual

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