Pride Month: How Brands are Showing their Support


Pride month has been in full effect for a few weeks – and we’ve been keeping an eye on brands that are showing their support for the LGBTQ+ community. While many brands are updating their logo or pushing out a social post – are they really reaching the LGBQT+ community? Below are our top picks for brands that are celebrating Pride month right.

Levi’s: This year, Levi’s came out with their 2018 Pride campaignBe Proud. Be Bold. Be Yourself.  Along with an expansive collection of jackets, shirts, hats, socks, etc., they also have highlighted seven members from the LGBTQ+ community in order to increase visibility and get more people involved in the push for equality for all. What puts this at the top of our list is that not only is it an amazing and thoughtful campaign, but 100 percent of the proceeds are going to two prominent LGBTQ+ organizations: The Harvey Milk Foundation and The Stonewall Community Foundation. You go, Levi’s. You GO!


In the past, Spotify has been known to have subtle Easter eggs scattered throughout their site based on relevant current events. For example, they customized their Stranger Things soundtrack playlist so that the background of each song looked like the Upside Down. Spotify is doing even bigger things when it comes to showing their love for the LGBTQ+ community. To start, they’ve devoted an entire section on the Genre/Mood board to Pride—offering up tons of Pride themed playlists ranging from popular hits by LGBTQ+ artists to a plethora of entertaining and educational podcasts. They also have edited the volume control button to form a gradient rainbow pattern whenever the volume is turned all the way up, and have even included cute messages like “LOUD AND PROUD!” “NEVER TURN IT DOWN” and “LIVE AT FULL VOLUME”.

Spotify even has —brace yourselves — a section dedicated to the Fab Five from Queer Eye (Antoni Porowski, food and wine expert; Tan France, fashion expert; Karamo Brown, culture expert; Bobby Berk, design expert and Jonathan Van Ness, grooming expert) complete with playlists of each of their favorite songs! Can you BELIEVE ??? Jonathan Van Ness’ adorableness aside, Spotify is celebrating Pride in a way that is unique to its brand—through music and interactive features.


Target has gone above and beyond to show their support for Pride. Not only do they have an entire section of their website dedicated to Pride (with a curated assortment of rainbow themed products), but they also have their own campaign called #TakePride, which features members from the LGBTQ+ community. They are offering products like Pride party supplies, flags, pool floats, and every possible clothing item imaginable. Target says, “We’re here to celebrate with the vibrant members of the LGBTQ+ community. The poets. The artists. The dancers. Those who describe themselves as fierce, thoughtful, loving and fabulous. Those who take pride in simply being themselves.”

Other Honorable Mentions:

Disney World



American Eagle


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