Pre-Released 2018 Super Bowl Ads A Fumble

The first of the early-release Super Bowl ads are in and on behalf of our agency – we’re underwhelmed. Lacking emotional poignancy, good humor, puppies, and overall creativity – spots released thus far are lackluster at best, with the exception of a few that seem promising. During our annual “Pre Super Bowl Ad Watch Party,” we took a poll after each spot. The results, below:

Thumbs Up

Febreze. We loved their spot last year, so we were pleasantly surprised to watch an equally funny spot this year. Featuring, and appealing to, a wide variety of demographics, Febreze introduces us to Dave, a man whose “bleep don’t stink.” This is bound to be a fan favorite this year.

Mountain Dew/Doritos. This PepsiCo spot features big celebrities Peter Dinklage, Morgan Freeman, Busta Rhymes, and Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliot. Pepsi’s two teasers left us eagerly anticipating the full spot on Super Bowl Sunday.


Squarespace. We weren’t sure what to make of Keanu Reeves sitting in front of a campfire, talking to himself in the clouds for :15-seconds, but it did leave us wanting more. So all in all, Squarespace effectively did their job with a teaser spot.   

Avocados From Mexico. This was one of my personal top favorites, but our agency was split 50/50 on it. If actor Chris Elliot in a turtleneck, telling you all the great things you can do with guacamole doesn’t make you laugh – this spot is probably not going to be for you.

Skittles. Quite possibly the strangest of the bunch (other than Chris Elliot’s floating head) is David Schwimmer feeding Skittles to an animatronic sandwich. We all remember his famous sandwich scene as Ross Gellar in Friends and ten years later – he’ll gain attention from another scene featuring a sandwich. Although weird, we’re looking forward to more Schwimmer on February 4th.

Thumbs Down (way down)

Lexus. Love the car, not the spot. Featuring super hero Black Panther from the upcoming Marvel film didn’t make the connection for us.

Kia. They should have brought the dancing hamsters back. Enough said.

Groupon. Our love for Tiffany Haddish isn’t enough to make us love this spot. We had high hopes, but this one fell flat.   


Budweiser. We’re almost always universally impressed with this big brand’s spots. After releasing their :60-second spot earlier today, our agency has conflicting reviews. While it jerked the heartstrings right out of some of us, others felt that implying Budweiser would always be there for them in times of trouble seemed like a stretch.  Like it or dislike it – we have to give major kudos to the brand for sending 80-million cans of water to various states/countries in need. Budweiser isn’t the only beer brand donating water to those in need. Stella Artois teamed up with for their 2018 spot.

Other Nods: Pringles featuring Bill Hader and Tostitos featuring  Alfonso Ribeiro (AKA Carlton from “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”).

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