Painted rocks are popping up across the bay, and I love it.

Several months ago while on a bike ride through Safety Harbor, I stopped to rest in a local park only to find an inspirational message scrawled on rock. It was amazing how something so small and simple literally made my day.

When I finished my ride, I shared what I had found with my wife, and within a few days we had a huge bag of river rocks, a bunch of new paint, brushes, and markers plus a desire to brighten random strangers’ days.

The idea is simple: Paint a rock with a nice design or a positive message and leave it in a public place for people to find.

What started as a fun way to uplift my local community has now turned into one of my favorite stress relieving hobbies. While I may not be the most talented artist, it’s really not the point. The benefits of stepping away from your troubles, disconnecting from electronic media and strengthen the right (creative) side of your brain are so beneficial, especially when your job revolves around being very analytical. Along with the perks of painting, the process of hiding rocks has its benefits by encouraging you to get out of the house, visit parks, beaches, downtowns, and spend more time enjoying nature.

So next time you are stressed, bored, or anxious, grab some rocks, a paint brush and get crafty.

Find & join your local rock groups: (Safety Harbor Rocks) (Lakeland Rocks)

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