Our Review of the iPhone X

For many of us, Christmas came early last Friday when the iPhone X dropped. We, not so patiently, waited for the shiny new device to arrive so we could spend hours of our weekend sizing up the new features.

Things we love:

Size – The camera alone is worth the upgrade; it’s nice to have the portrait mode features in a smaller form factor.

Screen resolution and contrast – This is Apple’s first time utilizing an OLED screen and they did a pretty good job of it.

Weight – Opinions may vary on this one, but a lot of us like that this phone feel more solid and less likely to fall and shatter.

Things we don’t love so much:

Animoji – The novelty wears off quick.

Facial recognition – It seems to have a 50/50 chance of working, especially when outside. That’s a bummer because Touch ID worked so fast and pretty much worked all the time.

Apps – Most don’t work well with the notch yet and make it stand out more than it should.

Interface – Overall seems messy with the split info around the notch and the added dead space at the bottom of the screen.

Things that will take getting used to:

Home button – The lack of a physical home button is taking some time to get used to.

One-handed – Apple had been really good at implementing reach features so you could use iPhones one-handed. Now they have moved what were previously bottom swipe features to the top of the screen and turned off the reach function by default, forcing you to have to dig to find the setting to turn them back on.

Viewing angles – These decreased and colors turn bluish when you tilt the phone too much. It’s a common thing with OLED screens but we hear Samsung figured out a way to decrease this on the S8.

What else will the iPhone X influence besides our attention span?

The economy – We can likely expect to see money spending shift this coming holiday season due to the hefty $1,000 price tag on this phone.

Our industry – With augmented reality more accessible to the masses than ever before, agencies will need to pay attention to the new trend in neural engines that will fuel technologies like facial recognition. Also, advertising creative and social teams will need to learn how to adapt and leverage this smarter pocket photography.

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