Our Guide to Holiday Hangover Cures


The annual ChappellRoberts holiday party is tonight at Rooftop 220, and we so look forward to celebrating our awesome team and a great 2017!  We want everyone to have fun and enjoy (SAFELY), so we provide Uber drivers for ALL of our party attendees.  You know there’s no excuse for drinking and driving!

And, we wanted to be proactive about making the most of your weekend, after the fact.  So, here’s our take on the best cures for a hangover.  But first, let me state the obvious:  if you don’t want a hangover – simply take it easy on the alcohol.

1. Drink half a bottle of Pedialyte and take two Ibuprofen that night before bed. Day after, drink the other half of the bottle. (Ibuprofen as needed.)

2. Taco Bell

3. Plenty of Gatorade to hydrate the next day

4. Saltines and ginger ale the next day

5. Charcoal pills – like Miracoal

6. Take fish oil pills before drinking

7. Force yourself to make a good breakfast with two eggs (or Uber Eats from anywhere that can make you two eggs)

8. Sleep it off – get black out curtains

9. Hair of the Dog – grab a Bloody Mary at brunch the next day

10. Sweat it out by forcing yourself to the gym for a CycleBar session

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