Not your average Joe

Sitting in the stands under the diffused afternoon sunlight of Tropicana Field watching his players practice, he talks to us behind the camera without taking his eyes off what’s happening on the field.

“These guys that give you good effort, man, it’s beautiful to watch. This is the kind of stuff that pays off during the game.”

I couldn’t help but hear that comment—from one of baseball’s coaching greats, Joe Maddon—as relatable to what we do in advertising.

One of the great things about being in this business is coming up with ideas and then getting to make them a reality. And while I do this all the time, it always seems amazing when an idea I’ve had gets created and put out there in the public arena.

So was the case when back in late December when one of our agency stakeholders, Erin Gray, who leads the Feeding America Tampa Bay account and is on their board, said in passing that Joe Maddon was interested in doing something to help. I spent an afternoon working up a PSA storyboard where Joe makes a pitch to the community about helping out Feeding America Tampa Bay. One thing led to another, and in April I found myself behind the camera watching an idea become reality.

Joe is the genuine thing. He is down-to-earth, patient, easygoing and inspirational. As a creative leader within ChappellRoberts, I couldn’t help but be inspired too, and see him as a model for my role here at the agency. How can I help all our players give their most and hit it out of the park more often (or as Joe would say “Poom!”)? Maybe it’s just keeping a clear eye on things, saying the right things at the right time to the right people, and being true to your school.

Thanks Joe, and thanks to all you who are motivated by him to help out the cause for Feeding America Tampa Bay.

Check out the PSA and a behind the scenes photo slideshow below:

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