My One-Year Stand


In recent years, so much has been written about the consequences of inactivity at the office. We’ve all heard about the health risks. Plus, being bound to a desk isn’t the best way to sustain inspiration. So, we’re seeing a lot of ideas rise up to challenge tradition. I love it. The image of a modern workplace is being redrawn and our actions will help define it.

Over the past 12 months, my best ideas were born while I was standing up. Last May, I bought a LACK side table at IKEA, assembled it, set it on my desktop, then raised my keyboard, mouse and monitor to the new height. Eight bucks — and 15 minutes — later, I had a legit stand-up desk. At first glance, it looked pretty odd, but the dimensions were perfect for a person of my height.

After an initial two-week trial, my feet ached. My posture was terrible. But since then, I’ve learned to take sitting and walking breaks throughout the day, wear comfortable shoes, keep a gel mat under my feet and just tough it out.

If you’ve considered making the switch, I say go for it. Here are three ways I think a stand-up desk will positively affect your work life:


It offers a different perspective when you need it. Visual details are critical in our work and sometimes it helps to physically step back from the screen to REALLY see something.


It pushes the nervous energy out. I find myself shifting my weight a lot, fidgeting and tapping my feet. If you listen to music while you work, moonwalkin’ is always an option too.


It forces you to roam. Standing in one spot for 10 hours a day will wear anyone out, no matter who your yogi is. Splitting my day between different workstations is the best part of having a stand-up desk. With a laptop, notebook or smartphone, we can be productive almost anywhere. It could be the nearby bistro, park bench or just a cozy room in your office building.

Do you have a favorite working setup or new office routine? Tell us about it.


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