Motivation and Perspiration: Getting amped for the #GreatBigChallenge

As the ChappellRoberts team prepares for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Great Big Challenge in January, I’m beginning to mentally prepare myself to get moving.

I’m going to share a little secret with you. My exercise ‘regime’ is pretty much non-existent. It consists of no more than casual strolls, gentle yoga every now and then, and dancing around like a mad woman in my lounge. For someone who believes that eating well and regular exercise can do wonders, I’m taking this opportunity to not only help a great cause, but to get my A into G.

To get motivated, I’m grasping at anything that will help me turn from a, “I’ll exercise tomorrow, this pizza tastes way too good to start now,” to a, “Meet me at the gym, where I’ll be crushing it.” (Do people still say that?) Here’s 3 things that motivate me:

1. Words will never hurt me (but they may make me put down the pizza)
Ain’t nothing like a badass quote to get me amped up.





2. The power of advertising
Watch. Be Inspired. Repeat.

Michael Phelps teams up with Under Armor

Soccer legend Lionel Messi for Gatorade

Nike – Time is Precious

3. Music is everything
When your legs are jello and your determination is running low, push play and turn it up LOUD.

Pharrell Williams – Freedom

Queens of the Stone Age – My God Is The Sun

Kings of Leon – Supersoaker

So, what motivates you to pump those legs and get sweatin’? Share your inspiration and words of wisdom, and I may just borrow it next time the couch calls my name.

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