Meet the new Creative Director at ChappellRoberts

For more than 10 years, Glenn Horn has been the artistic soul of the ChappellRoberts Creative Department. This month, Glenn was promoted to creative director, where he will partner with principal and creative director, Sarah Tildsley.

More than just a visionary artist, Glenn’s creative leadership and passion for mentoring artists have made him of one the best advertising minds in the Tampa Bay region.

We think he’s so inspiring, we wanted to share some of his wise words with you all.  Enjoy!


CR: Congratulations, Glenn. You deserve this title and the agency is stronger with you in this position of leadership. Tell us how you got here.

GH: When I got into this, I didn’t exactly know where this would lead.  Back then, people really didn’t go to school for advertising. You just sort of learned it on the job. This sort of unfolded the way it was meant to be. I was fortunate that I came into this at a very interesting time.  Computers were just being integrated into advertising, and the impact they would have was still unknown. So, I bought a computer and worked my way into my first job.

CR: How did you find your way into advertising?

GH: I think I recognized early on that this industry could be something I could get into and have an impact on. In advertising, your creative work gets communicated to a wide and diverse audience. That appeals to me. I was compelled to be in advertising.  I wanted to move people – to tap emotion.

CR: What does this new title mean for you and your career?

GH: I have always followed my own code. It translates in my life and in my work. I try to stay steady on what I know to be right and what I know will be the best for the client. I moved back to Tampa early in my career and a friend told me that I would be a creative director one day. I was so green at the time, I didn’t really even know what that meant or even what a creative director did. Along the way, I’ve been lucky to work under and learn from some great CDs. I’ve also tried to learn through the examples of creative icons like Lee Clow and Jeff Goodby. I feel a connection with the work they have achieved and it’s inspiring. I’m not sure how I got here, but followed what felt right. Somehow I just became what I was meant to be. I’m proud to be here.

CR: What can we expect in the advertising industry over the next several years?

GH: Well, clearly there is a lot of energy being put into digital work. ChappellRoberts has been in front of this curve for years and I expect us to continue to give our clients creative work that drives results in every medium out there. In the end though, it’s about creativity, ideas and finding new ways to communicate those ideas in exciting ways.

In many ways, I see my role going forward as helping to be a bridge from the best of the history of this industry into the future of this industry. We have an incredible team here and I am proud to not only be a part of that team, but also to get to lead and inspire that team.

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