Meet Harry – Guest Super Bowl Commentator

Harry is a guy like most guys. He’s not a bad guy. He just does and says guy stuff.

He forgets an important date or two. He burps. Then laughs. He’s Get-off-my-lawn Harry, so of course he does!

Harry’s pretty good at his job, too. But like all of us, his often times odd personal traits manifest at work. It doesn’t make him bad at his job. Quite the opposite, it enriches his life at work because Harry, while opinionated and proud of his opining, is oddly favored as the de facto funny smarty pants.

When pushed, Harry will tell you, “I’m the slightly pudgier ‘Phil’ from ‘Modern Family.’ I say stuff that sounds right in my head, but when it comes out of my face, it’s not right. But it’s funny. Mostly-ish.”

That’s Get-off-my-lawn Harry. He’s got a Twitter, and he’s ready to talk TV commercials, football and other totally random non-sequiturs. The question is:


Follow Harry’s antics and join the conversation using #GetOffMyLawnHarry or other agency commentary #CRSuperBowl.

See All Up-To-Date Commentary Below:

I don’t get jumping out of a plane to sell candy. But I’m not Don Draper. Now that’s a guy who gets it. @Butterfinger #GetOffMyLawnHarry

I’m no doctor. Nor do I play one on TV (ha ha). But feeding @Doritos to a newborn can’t be good. #GetOffMyLawnHarry

Boy, I sure hope these @BudLight ads get better. They have to, right? They have Amy Schumer + Jonah Hill’s older brother. #GetOffMyLawnHarry

He has a very particular set of skills, skills he’s acquired over a long career. Picking this @LGCommercial was not one. #GetOffMyLawnHarry

#RunningWithTheDevil – awesome VanHalen song. Saw them in ‘82 and it rocked. Oh wait, yeah, @Acura. Sweet ride. #GetOffMyLawnHarry

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