MediFuture 2023 – Brand Building the Future of Healthcare



In an advertising agency, creativity is King. Risk is embraced as a means for innovation. Now, imagine taking these same principles and transferring them to our lives – to our health.

Today’s healthcare model is becoming stagnated. But, if we infused those principles with risk, innovation and creativity, what would it look like? The answer is reinvention and prosperity. Welcome to MediFuture 2023. Designed to position Tampa Bay as the epicenter of disruptive innovation in the healthcare industry, MediFuture 2023 will envision a transformed, patient-centered healthcare system, 10 years in the future, delivering higher levels of care and access at lower cost. This movement, driven by the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation, has real impact on community health and promotes a robust business climate for Tampa Bay.

With a long history and passion for healthcare, ChappellRoberts jumped at the opportunity to play an integral role in the development of one of the most important forums ever held in Tampa Bay. We were honored to create the brand for MediFuture 2023, which is poised to change the DNA of health – and change lives.

Tapping into our active involvement in Tampa Bay’s economic development, we provided unique perspectives to this dynamic conversation.  Our work with regional and national healthcare brands puts us front and center of new innovations and dynamic healthcare integrations that could forever change the future of healthcare.

Where can you see the future of healthcare today?  MediFuture 2023.  I hope to see you there so you can join this important conversation.

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