Live Brand Impact

Facebook’s hot, new video streaming feature, Live, is becoming available to users and brands across the country. From a brand perspective, the user engagement and reach results are promising so far. But a Facebook update wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of backlash. Today, Zuckerberg himself experienced a streaming snafu, and users are buzzing about how close Live’s functionality mimics its competition.

Love the Brand Benefits:
· Beyond just streaming, Live offers two-way conversation/presentation capabilities.
· For those with excessive FOMO, fear no more, Live will also stream in-person events.
· Because it’s Facebook, I’m expecting to see some Live advertising opportunities arise over the next year.
· Want to reach more people, quickly? Facebook’s algorithm will give preference to live videos.
· In addition to the reach, results show that users are also engaged longer with Live videos.

Prepare for Potential Brand Backlash:
· It’s not perfect – Zuckerberg had an embarrassing moment as the Live feature failed mid-stream.
· Live streaming never truly goes away – even when the stream is done. Prepare for your Live stream the same way you would with any brand announcement.
· Don’t go burying your audience’s photos of grandchildren for just any live video from around the office – make it count and make it authentic.

Is this the same thing as YouTube Live, Periscope, Meerkat and other streaming apps? It’s similar, but you can’t ignore Facebook’s large audience advantage and its ability to combine the best of all worlds.

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