Like It or Love It – Social Updates Are Here Again

Two popular social networks have launched updates that will undoubtedly cause a stir among fans and brands alike. nuevos-botones-de-facebook-592-1444385138 Facebook

Facebook has heard the many cries to give us more than just a thumbs-up option. Now, users can LIKE, LOVE, HAHA, WOW, SAD and ANGRY posts on our Facebook feeds. Plus, these new options come with equally adorable emojis to satisfy. So go forth and LOVE, WOW and HAHA all of the posts on Facebook today. You can even LOVE this post (only if want to). Read more about the updates here.


Twitter has caused quite a stir as it considers expanding character length. Is 10,000 characters too much? Our thoughts – this platform and outlet is all about brevity and fast news. It is built for scanning and sharing. As the popular social network ponders changes, many users are wondering if an edit function may be a better option than expanded length. We agree.

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