A Love (or Horror?) Story – Communication Meets Technology

So we all know technology is changing every day. And, we all know that break-ups via text message may be wrong and that people do not need to Tweet every time they brush their teeth. Whether it’s personal or professional communication, there’s been a vast difference in how we all interact on a daily basis over the past 30 years. How have mobile technology and social media altered our lives? Here is a little example of how I see it.

Communication – 1980 vs. 2012

As a younger Millennial, I was not around in 1980 to tell you the perks or annoyances of the technology at that time. But even though I do enjoy powering down sometimes and escaping my cellular addictions, I believe current mobile and social communication is a benefit to our lives. If used correctly, these are tools for efficiency, instant news and widespread social change.

Do you think these differences are good or bad? Is this growth? Are there faults? Is this the demise of communication or an upgrade in efficiency? You tell me…

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