It’s the end of Snapchat as we know it, and I feel fine.

You may have noticed Snapchat’s new redesign that rolled out Wednesday. Or like many of us, you didn’t notice at all because you’ve been too busy posting to your Instagram and Facebook stories instead.

Snapchat has been struggling and this redesign is meant to entice new advertisers and level out its stock market decline. Snapchat aims to simplify the platform by separating the “social” from the “media” through reordering the app’s features. All stories generated by friends now appears on the left and content from publishers, celebrities, etc. appears on the right.

By “disentangling the two” Snap Inc. CEO, Evan Spielgel, believes the company can help diminish the fake news effect. Spiegel noted “content designed to be shared by friends is not necessarily content designed to deliver accurate information.”

Snapchat will also be integrating an algorithm to determine the order of how posts appear in a user’s feed, similar to Facebook – seems only fair Snapchat takes a note from Facebook’s playbook after the completely original “Instagram Stories” that debuted in 2016.

The Washington Post, Buzzfeed, and Slate are skeptical this redesign will fix Snapchat’s problems, but only time will tell.


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