It’s All About Balance


During the week, as a senior project manager for ChappellRoberts, my job is to work behind the scenes to make sure that all projects run smoothly through the agency. But on the weekends, I step out from behind my computer and endless schedules, and perform for the crowd in water ski shows!

I grew up water skiing with friends and family before joining the Tampa Bay Water Ski Show Team where I learned how to swivel ski, perform doubles lifts and climb to the top of the pyramid. The team practices 5 days a week and performs shows every Saturday.

The ski team started as a hobby for me, but has grown into so much more. Through college I worked at Cypress Gardens – in fact, that’s where I met my husband! I skied at SeaWorld of Orlando and have also had the opportunity to travel, performing ski shows for various events around the world.

Through skiing I have met life-long friends and been able to participate in a sport that is family-centric. My parents are very involved in the ski team and my kids now perform in the weekly shows.

My weekend hobby is my great escape – it allows me to be outside, enjoy some fresh air and get some exercise. It’s a great release from the stress of the week and I come back to work on Mondays feeling refreshed!


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