An Inspirational Ride

As the Business Manager, I play quite a different role than everyone else in the agency. Instead of brainstorms and client meetings, I thrive off of financials and policies. A couple of months ago I heard about the idea of an agency bike for inspiration. Of course, my mind immediately went to, “How much is this going to cost?” and “What are the liabilities?” While I thought it was a cool concept, I didn’t necessarily see myself benefitting from this big idea.

Yesterday, as I decided if I wanted to tackle an IT issue or an HR project, I decided to run a mindless company errand to the bank instead. As I was walking out the door, that freshly painted shiny red bike caught my eye and I thought, “Why not?” I was a little wobbly at first and it took me a minute to realize where the brakes were, but with a push from my coworker, I was off. I couldn’t help but smile as I rode through the streets of Ybor City. I saw the same sights I see every day, but in a totally different light. People seemed friendlier, restaurants looked tastier, and my stressors seemed smaller. I didn’t want my errand to end!

As I coasted back up to our office (my hair a little wind-blown, but totally worth it) I had a renewed sense of energy and positivity. I was invigorated and amazed at what a big difference a small change like a bike ride could make. I went back to my desk with a fresh perspective on my workload and on life. So what did I learn from my little journey? No matter what you do, we all need inspiration to do better and be better. So, today I invite you to step out of your comfort zone and do something that will inspire you!Katy's Bike Adventure

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