The Idea Interchange – December 2014

Need some inspiration? Want to broaden your horizons? Tired of watching cat GIFs on reddit? Well, look no further!

In the spirit of our idea-sharing free-for-all, ChappellRoberts brings you The Idea Interchange – a monthly recap of everything that’s capturing our attention and getting our creativity flowing. Take a look and we’d love to hear your thoughts!


While the father of GIFs claims it’s pronounced “JIF,” it didn’t stop us from having a heated debate about it one year later. Regardless, we all agreed on loving the GIFs used in the innovative Netflix outdoor campaign for its launch in Paris. The movie streaming platform integrated more than 100 GIFs into digital billboards, showing real-time reactions to everything from the weather to soccer games.

SerialHot for Podcasts
“Popular podcast” may be an oxymoronic term, but does it really matter when they’re this good? We geeked out over Serial for the most part – a MUST listen nonfiction crime story told week over week. There’s also the Local Masters podcast by Orlando-based screen printers Real Thread, which highlights innovative design perspectives, and the compelling offCamera podcast by Sam Jones, which profiles celebrities in a raw and informal approach.

The Other Side
One of the most gripping uses of YouTube we’ve seen, Honda’s The Other Side puts the viewer in control of two parallel stories. By pressing “R” while watching, you’ll switch back and forth between two videos to discover ultimately how the narratives intertwine.

UX ReaderFor the Love of Email
Champion for beautiful email, MailChimp re-released its excellent UX Newsletter series as an ebook. In The UX Reader, you’ll find tons of great content on how to create compelling emails. It’s this type of “trade secret sharing” we love, which helps spur creativity all across the industry.

Dish Duty
You know how restaurants will make you wash dishes if you can’t pay your bill? Well at pop-up shop Mir Restaurant in Paris, you can ONLY pay for your meal by washing dishes. Turns out, it was a clever marketing stunt by Mir liquid detergent. You want the steak? That’ll be a pot, two plates and set of cutlery, please.

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