How Your Brand Can Engage with “Social Media Savvy” Generation Z

Hello! I’m Zinah, a Gen Z-er and the Fall 2019 ChappellRoberts intern.

That’s right, Gen Z is officially in the workforce. Growing up with social media prompted many of us to feel like self-proclaimed social media experts. Despite the fact that we spend so much time online, there’s a clear disconnect between your brand and us.

Did you know only less than half of Generation Z follows any brands on social media? Brand loyalty does not always incline us to digitally connect with your brand.


Not every social media profile we come across intrigues us. We avoid pages that clog our news feed with irrelevant content. It takes a lot for my peers to hit that follow button and one post may cause us to unfollow.

Here are a few insider tips and tricks from a Gen Z-er to help expand the conversation and learn our social style:

1) Post more than when you have a new product/promotion.

It’s like that person that never hits you up unless they need something. Don’t be that person!

Pros that do it well: @adobe, @buddybrewcoffee

2) Create an aesthetically pleasing feed.

Consistent visual appeal is everything. Plan your content ahead of time and develop a pre-set to help create a uniform feed. Use apps like Unum, a free tool that shows you how your profile will look before you publish content on your feed. You can rearrange photos and visually plan out your posts in relation to each other.

Pros that do it well: @thefolklohr, @airbnb

3) Make us laugh.

Personify your brand by uploading funny videos on Tik-Tok or incorporating relevant meme references. Our generation bonds over funny jokes we see on the Internet. In fact, 62% of Gen Z-ers are attracted to brands that give off “fun or cool” vibes.

Pros that do it well: @tacobell

4) Speak up for what you believe in.

Our generation advocates for causes we are passionate about. A Clutch survey revealed 71% of consumers agree brands should do the same.

Pros that do it well: @lushcosmetics, @benandjerrys

5) Provide opportunities for interaction.

Engage and communicate with us even when it isn’t about your product. It could be through trivia on Instagram stories, or a social media competition. We feel even more valued and acknowledged if you react or respond to us.

Pros that do it well: @oreo, @papersource

We go on social media to connect with our friends – so be our friend. Our generation may seem hard to reach, but we value authenticity and genuine conversations. Show us you value that too!


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