How to Capitalize on Super Bowl Buzz to Promote your Brand

On February 3, the 53rd Super Bowl will broadcast to more than 100 million viewers – or consumers, as we like to call them in advertising. The going rate for a 30-second spot will be at least $5 million and even a local spot will run between $50k- $75k. Don’t have that kind of budget? You can still leverage the big game to increase sales, engage with customers or raise awareness for your brand. Here’s how:

Seize the Season

Capitalize on the Super Bowl buzz through timely and relevant campaigns. Your engagement will feel more natural since people are already in the Super Bowl mindset.

1. Freshen up your content – Try writing a blog post and connect aspects of your brand (traits, promise, etc.) to the event. For instance, our mission focuses on an ensemble approach, much like football teams – no one person wins the game. That could easily be a thought leadership blog. Don’t feel like writing? Redesign your social profile pictures and header images with a football theme.

2. Leverage timely advertising media – Digital outdoor usually allows for unlimited creative swaps and is a more cost-effective buy. Design a fun Super Bowl ad on the fly with a pre-game theme or post-game congratulations to the winning team.

3. Incentivize brand engagement – Who doesn’t love a good deal? Offer consumers discounts for their team spirit or even start a social photo submission contest.

Be on the Defense

While some conversation can be planned, like tone and engagement strategy, some wit and brand tie-in will have to be off-the-cuff. Your brand strategy depends on the conversational trends.

1. Plan for potential scenarios – Think ahead to what could happen during the Super Bowl – what can you use as an opportunity to engage with customers? Recall the various years there were blackouts and how brands like Doritos and Oreo both devised quick buzz-worthy content.

2. Get connections engaged – Start a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter poll and get people predicting the game results. Check out this example from the NBA.

3. Run time-parted social ads – According to a study conducted by Facebook, “94% of participants kept a smartphone on hand while watching TV.” Capture attention as people take a break from the game with a witty copy line such as “Taking a break from the game? Check out our…”.

4. Use more #hashtags – Find what’s trending on social and join the conversation. Demonstrate your brand’s unique voice and increase impressions by tagging your post with hashtags.

Leverage a Good Play, Every Day

Don’t let the Super Bowl be the only time of year you harness the conversation around what’s relevant to your customers. Think about other key events, observances, holidays and more that give you a way to connect – the Super Bowl is just a good time to start.

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