How do you define great creative?

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chappellroberts imagine

How do you define great creative? You know, work that, when you see it, rocks you to your core. Ideas that make you stop and think or feel differently. Great creative is judged at award shows and glorified in coveted small boxes in publications, but does it make a difference?

Here, we don’t claim work as “great” until it gets results.

Sound like a commercial attitude for this art we create? This is advertising. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate fine art with my Ringling College background. Art is essential to life, but so is advertising. Advertising fuels every communication channel we use.

In 2011, worldwide ad spending on Facebook reached $1.71 billion. By definition as advertisers we are the persuaders of minds and the capturers of hearts. Our charge is to create an emotional connection between brands and their audiences to garner results.

How do we do this? One powerful word, strategy. It is the inspiration behind every great idea. With the right strategy sketches become 10k web hits and marketing plans become millions in revenue.

Ideas are invaluable, but only if they garner results. That puts the “big” in the big ideas.

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  • Designers love awards and recognition, but great creative in the advertising world is creative that makes clients lots of money. I agree with you that through great strategy, multiple touch points can be targeted to “persuade minds and capture hearts”. It’s not always the most breathtaking artwork that customers respond to, but a well planned, targeted strategy will determine whether a campaign is successful or not.

    • ChappellRoberts

      Thanks for the comment, Josh. We’re glad you agree!

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