How Agency Internships Prepared Me For The Real World

Throughout my college career I have been fortunate enough to intern at a few awesome agencies, now including ChappellRoberts. It may sound cliché to say how important getting internship experience is, but it is like realizing your mom has been right your whole life. It is SO important.

The intern life has given me the opportunity to learn from the inside of agencies and discover the things in advertising that I am passionate about as well as the things I am not so crazy about. I have held intern positions in Account Management at a previous agency and Client Services at CR, both working alongside the Account Services teams.

That’s what I like *cue Bruno Mars*

At the University of South Florida’s Tampa campus, I am an advertising major with a specialization in media strategy. I realized I like work revolving around numbers from my courses and now from my internships, I have recognized how much I enjoy working with people. Whether it is with a team of account executives or the engagement I have had with clients and vendors, I thrive on collaborative efforts working towards innovative solutions. This discovery opens more doors of opportunity in my post-graduation future.

I am creative, who knew?

As a media strategy student, I had some self esteem issues about my creativity skills before my internships. The real-world experiences have opened my eyes to the expansive definition of what it means to be creative. For me, it is not about my novice Adobe Creative Suite skills, but about the outside-the-box thinking. My creativity lies within the crafty ways of problem-solving or devising insightful strategies that I have learned from the many brilliant mentors I have worked with while interning. Professional and personal growth is a huge benefit I have gained from interning at agencies.

What you can’t learn in the classroom

Finally, my education at the USF Zimmerman School of Advertising & Mass Communications has been a significant part of the reason I have earned/was selected for internships. What the university cannot teach however, is the culture that is individual to each agency. I am very grateful for the amazing team I get to be a part of for this semester at CR. The people of CR were welcoming from my first day here and have always gone out of their way to include me and help me get the most out of my experience. CR is made up of fun, intelligent and innovative leaders, seriously creating change.

My advice to other students: hustle and put in the work early, so you can experience the impressive agencies Tampa hosts and be even more prepared to take on our industry come time graduate.

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