How Advertisers Are Thinking About Social Media Today

The landscape of social media today is always changing. How we use each platform has to evolve and adapt just as fast. Here are some of the latest changes and how they are impacting marketers.

INSTAGRAM | Current Status: The Beloved

Last week the platform rolled out IGTV for longer format videos.  Advertisers are not wasting any time as they introduce new creative engagement strategies. Most notably, Bacardi is launching a campaign that will allow users to make their own music videos.

FACEBOOK | Current Status: The Disliked

Facebook has been in the news more and more regarding its user privacy. This includes the Cambridge Analytica scandal as well as an issue with users’ posts defaulting to public, even if they wanted it private. Facebook also recently announced it’s pulling all third-party targeting data. Advertisers will need to adjust strategies as they lose these audience targeting capabilities.

TWITTER | Current Status: The Boss

Let’s agree now that Twitter isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It may not always be our top choice for targeted social advertising, but Twitter is important. It’s the only real-time status of what is happening in our world. The brands that have mastered this platform are rewarded with off-the-charts consumer engagement. Yes, we’re talking about Wendy’s.

SNAPCHAT | Current Status: The Irrelevant

Snapchat has fallen from grace as a former favorite social media platform. The latest redesign was out of touch but the rollout of Snapchat Kit could be what the company needs. Snapchat Kit allows for more partnerships with third-party services. For instance, Pandora users can now share songs on Snapchat –similar to Spotify’s Partnership with Instagram.

VINE | Current Status: The Deceased

Forever immortalized in YouTube Vine compilation videos, we said farewell to the 6-second video app when it shut down in January 2017. Rising from the ashes, there is a lot of excitement behind the announcement of a Vine 2 (AKA V2). Unfortunately, timing is still TBD according to Vine co-founder, Dom Hofmann.

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