Holidays at the Agency: Top 10 Worst Christmas Card Ideas

We’ve all heard the phrase, “there is no such thing as a bad idea.” Well, believe it or not, in the world of brainstorming there is a naughty and a nice list. Here at CR, we put our heads together to craft the most amazing, awe-inspiring holiday gift for all our closest clients, vendors and friends. But before we landed on our official agency gift, we had a lot of… other… ideas.

In the spirit of giving, we’ve compiled our worst agency holiday card ideas for your entertainment – only the best of the bad; the trainwrecks and the “that’s worse than wet reindeer smell”; the more terrible the better, made this list. So, get prepared and be amazed by just ho, ho, how bad these ideas are.

1. Campaign to “Make Fruitcake Great Again” – was it ever great to begin with?

2. QR Code Advent Calendar – Open your app for a new gift every day!

3. Packages of Spam with Happy Holidays – “Open it, this is the good Spam.”

4. Send a living piece of Ybor… everyone gets a baby chick!

5. A card to benefit Feed the Alligators charity – we’d make it snappy!

6. A Christmas card with all typos – are copierighter was especially despleesed with tis won.

7. ‘Tis the Seedson – Every card comes with a seed to plant your own fir tree. In 10-15 years you’d have your very own tree for you and your family!

8. Jib Jab office cards – in 2018…

9. Record a new version of Deck the Halls sang entirely in Lorem Ipsum. – (For when we don’t get a creative brief on the agency holiday card.)

10. “Koi to the World” – Everyone gets a koi fish.

Feeling the holiday spirit yet? Don’t worry none of these tasteless presents will be in your inbox or your mailbox this year. Just enjoy with a hot toddy and be thankful for all the good greetings you are receiving.

But, if you have received a not-so-great holiday card that probably should have been on this list, we’d love to share in the laugh.

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