Her Tomorrow: Inspiring. Limitless. Unwritten.


Tampa Bay has a prevalent yet invisible epidemic. According to a 2016 Point-in-Time (PIT) Count where volunteers go out and count homeless persons on a single night, approximately 2,777 homeless people were identified in Pinellas County, with about 27% being women.

According to a national study, ¼ of those homeless women are experiencing unplanned or crisis pregnancies and often do not disclose their situation due to fear of shame and judgment, or possibly having their child taken away. The present issue is that PIT Counts are used to determine government funding allocations, and if homeless pregnant women are afraid to come forward, their families won’t be counted when it counts the most.

A solution? Enter ALPHA House of Pinellas County.  For nearly 40 years they have provided housing and supportive services to women who are homeless and pregnant. They successfully transition about 90% of mothers in the residential program into permanent housing and independent living. ALPHA House relies on government funding, community fundraisers and private donors to support their program.

Not surprisingly, ALPHA House’s 19-bed capacity is completely full and there is a waitlist of women in need. Their greatest benefit would be an increase in long-term B2B partnerships and donors, so they can eventually expand their program capacity and services.

Ad 2 Tampa Bay’s public service team stepped in to help ALPHA House by providing a pro bono advertising campaign aimed to reach business professionals in the Tampa Bay area. The team was comprised of advertising professionals from Tampa Bay who were passionate about this cause. One of the most rewarding parts of the campaign was using our skill sets outside of work to benefit our community directly.

From ALPHA House’s inspiring 90% success rate, the Her Tomorrow campaign was created. If the community provides resources today, we can make her tomorrow better. Through one-to-one, grassroots, and multi-media tactics, the quarterly campaign generated $190k in value for ALPHA House.

Scaling the campaign was the key to spreading our message. I personally helped secure media placements which lead to local media vendors such as iHeart, WTSP.com, Clear Channel, Florida Trend, OutFront, Tampa Bay Times, and Beasley Media Group donating $60k worth of ad placements. These placements strategically targeted the B2B audience, all while reaching the greater Tampa Bay area and serving over 6 million impressions total.

This campaign came cost ALPHA House and Ad 2 Tampa Bay a total of $0.

Ad 2 Tampa Bay is a large national network of like-minded advertising professionals age 32 and younger. Our team took the opportunity to share both the Her Tomorrow campaign and ALPHA House’s mission at the Admerica Conference in June 2018.

Ad 2 Tampa Bay’s community work secured new media and business opportunities for ALPHA HOUSE that can flourish well into their future. If ALPHA isn’t worrying about funding, they can focus on what really matters: the women and children. ALPHA women are inspiring, limitless and have an unwritten future. They merely need love and a little guidance to see the potential that their future holds.

Join ALPHA House of Pinellas County in empowering Tampa Bay women. Learn more at AlphaHousePinellas.org.

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