Hear Us ROAR

Every year, some of our team members form an agency crew and participate in the annual Roar Through Ybor 5K. Taking place in our backyard, historic Ybor City, the event is a race to help bring the gift of sight to the blind and visually impaired.

With the race coming up this weekend, I took a quick survey to see why some of our staff loves participating in races, what motivates them to run (or walk), and how they get themselves through the finish line.

Why Do You Like Races?

“Running is such an individual sport – most time you’re doing it for fitness or weight loss or your own peace of mind. I like to do races once in awhile because it infuses some community into what it typically a ‘solo’ endeavor.” – Christine Turner, Vice President of Account Services

“I started running as a way to lose weight after having kids. I had always hated running, wasn’t ‘good’ at it, but I quickly discovered that although it was something that was very difficult for me, I loved the challenge of it. Running doesn’t come easy, I’m not a natural, but I love the feeling of pushing myself and improving my pace or distance.” – Shannon Welch, Project Manager

“I usually go running on my own during the week, but doing a 5K gives me a reason to work out on the weekend. They also allow me to push myself a little more than usual in my pace. I get competitive and always try to outrun the person next to me.” – Sam Didio, Jr. Media Buyer

What Motivates You During A Race?

“When I run a race, the single most motivating thought that is going through my mind is ‘I wonder what kind of food they have at the finish line?’ Seriously. And it works.” – Anne Myers, Account Executive

What Music Pumps You Up During A Race?

“My favorite song to run to is ‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem. It empowers me and makes me feel able to conquer anything!” – Shannon Welch, Project Manager

“I love cheesy pop music…Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber are my running jams. You can zone out since the lyrics are so bad, and just enjoy the scenery. You can also run to the beat, which helps keep you on pace.” – Sam Didio, Jr. Media Buyer

How Do You Get Yourself To The Finish Line?

“The entire time I am running is a continuous battle between my brain and my body. My body wants to quit and I have to talk myself through every mile.” – Shannon Welch, Project Manager

“Cookies.” – Sam Didio, Jr. Media Buyer

“Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake. Which coincidentally is also the Rihanna song that will pump me up during the run.”- Megan Federico, Assistant Account Executive

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