Four (Other) “Classic” Logos I Want to See Redesigned in 2016

A couple of weeks ago, the Internet collectively lost its mind when Google changed its iconic logo of 16 years to a sans-serif variation. Some liked it. Many hated it. All will eventually stop caring and get used to it.

But here’s the thing. I never thought Google’s so-called “classic” logo was all that good in the first place. Was it iconic and globally recognized? Absolutely. Would that design win any awards today if Google never existed? Pretty unlikely.

Just because you have a classic logo doesn’t mean you have a good logo. And I think there are plenty of other classic logos out there, long overdue for an overhaul. So here’s my own personal list of not-good classic logos that I feel need a makeover in 2016.

No. #1 – Jeopardy! (in use since 1984)  





The Jeopardy! logo has remained untouched for over 30 years. So had Alex Trebek’s mustache, until he (temporarily) shaved it last year, which  means nothing on that show is sacred anymore. Time to upgrade the  retro typeface.

No. #2 – Sherwin-Williams (in use since 1905)





Where to start on this one? “Let’s dump a toxic product on top of  a geographically incorrect globe in a time of increasing environmental  awareness. And make the design ugly too.” Enough said.

No. #3 – 20th Century Fox (in use since 1935)





To be clear, I love the 20th Century Fox logo and the fanfare that goes along with it. It’s often an indication that I’m about to see some lightsabers and space battles in a galaxy far, far away. But we’ve been in the 21st century for 15 years now. Would it kill them to change that zero to a one?

No. #4 – Washington Redskins (in use since 1961)





When you’ve got half the country calling for you to change your team name, a federal judge upholding a decision to cancel six of your team trademarks, NFL announcers and writers refusing to use your team name, and people basically doing the work for you by suggesting new team names and even going so far as to design new logos for you, it’s time to concede defeat. Controversy aside, the current logo isn’t even good. Too much fine detail. Too little contrast. All bad design decisions when your most important application is 4” wide, on a helmet, hundreds of feet away from viewers.

What classic logos would you like to see redesigned?

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