Facing the Facts: Facebook Scandal Marketing Impact

Facebook’s privacy scandal is still making headlines and transforming privacy policies across the world. As an advertising agency, we’re focused on both consumer reactions and any long-term marketing impact. Here’s the latest on consumer data, Facebook’s campaign to build confidence and paid social advertising trends.

Details on Consumer Data

What exactly are third parties getting access too? Facebook made the right move making it as easy as possible for individual users to access that same data. As someone who is particular with her privacy settings, my data wasn’t extremely exciting. If you are a food or reality TV advertiser, you know where to find me.

Exact Facebook Usership

No recent data points to a drastic user decline, although a recent national poll found about a quarter of users saying the stopped using or deleted their account. E-marketer reported that they aren’t seeing the #DeleteFacebook movement take off but that it could be the extra nudge younger generations need to not even start using the platform.

Impact on Paid Advertising  

Advertisers had high concerns during the scandal, but so far, pricing does not appear to be increasing more than the standard average outlet increases. Across a variety of audiences and industries, we have not experienced any drastic shifts with our paid Facebook advertising campaigns.

Ability to Build Consumer Trust

Facebook’s newest TV spot is aimed to regain trust among audiences, but as this article mentions, many are unsure if this will actually build confidence. A survey of our team found that most of our agency was concerned with the allegations and most people are still unsure if this ad will resonate with users. As advertisers, we are skeptical on how this will be done and how the outlet will keep their promise and keep a solid revenue stream.

What do you think of the new spot?

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