Facebook Breaks Up with Partner [Categories]. Here’s What You Need To Do.

Facebook announced that they will eventually shut down its “Partner Categories” which allows advertisers to access third-party data directly through the Facebook platform. You might remember the buzz surrounding Cambridge Analytica and how they ruined the fun for advertisers by abusing data privileges.

In order to ease consumers’ data privacy concerns and comply with GDPR, Facebook decided to pull the plug on third-party data. According to Marketing Land, “Just about half of Facebook’s 1,200 targeting criteria come from third-party data sources.”

But don’t fret! We’ve prepared a quick guide on navigating this change like a pro.


Facebook published the following timeline:

• May 24, 2018 – No campaigns will deliver to Partner Categories for audiences in France, Germany and the UK after this date.

• August 15, 2018 – Partner Categories will no longer be available for campaign creation, editing or duplication.

• August 15, 2018 – Managed Custom Audiences and Partner Categories will no longer be available in our interfaces for campaign creation, editing or duplication

• October 1, 2018 – No campaigns will deliver to Partner Categories after this date.

What is affected

• Partner Categories – Behavioral data points such as what people buy, house hold incomes, home values, in-market shoppers, etc.

• Saved Audiences – Third-party data points will be removed from the saved audience; this could affect the performance of your campaigns.

What isn’t affected

• Custom Audiences – Any first-party customer data you’ve uploaded, website traffic tracked by Facebook’s pixel, or anyone who has engaged with your business on Facebook or other platforms.


• Psychographics – The “why” behind someone’s action. There may be research already published on psychographics relevant to your consumers. You can pair Facebook’s first-party interests with your psychographic findings to build an audience.

• Purchase data directly – A number of data aggregators such as Epsilon and Oracle offer data services.

• Collect your own data – Try digital surveys or focus groups to learn more about your consumers’ habits, thoughts and feelings.

• Find a media partner – Too busy to sort this out? Let ChappellRoberts do the work! Through our established relationships and digitally-versed team, we can find the perfect data solution for you.

Download our checklist today!

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