Dueling Process

As creatives, we often have two sides of our brain working at the same time – right and left parts dueling.

We recently lost a treasured member of our team. We know that we cannot render any power over this tragic situation, so we throw ourselves into our work. As creatives, I think this is so mind boggling. It can feel impossible to tap into passion when it’s so handicapped with grief. It can feel hard to focus on our craft when reminded that the only thing that really matters is making sure your loved ones know how you feel about them.

So, we’ve found ourselves simultaneously moving through processes. We have hours in our day when we are working on our grief process. And, we have hours in the day where we’re working through the creative process. It is necessary to feed these two sides of our brains and our hearts. We loved this gal. We love our work. We want to do good work to honor her. She would want us to.

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