Digital Display Dominance: Why Google Upped the Ante on Analytics

Google analytics imageWhen it comes to digital marketing, what’s most interesting about this realm isn’t the slick interfaces, 3D animations or even augmented reality experiences. It’s the data we can now capture about our users to help optimize and refine our digital efforts.

This week, Google launched its new Google Analytics 360 Suite, which introduces new analytics capabilities while also integrating several of its advertising products together—such as AdWords and DoubleClick.

The new suite is meant for large enterprises (products start at $150K a year!), but Analytics 360 Suite is really meant to reclaim Google’s stake in the digital advertising domain. Facebook advertising continues to grow, especially on mobile, which poses a threat to Google’s long-standing dominance.

Google’s main hope is that its integrated suite of analytics services helps marketers prove ROI for Google advertising so that companies continue the investment (if it wasn’t already obvious from Google’s new promotional video).

From one of VentureBeat’s analysts:
“Google is above all a marketing and advertising company — with channel dominance in search, email, display — with mobile and display threatened for the first time in years with Facebook, especially around mobile. It makes sense for them to beef up audience tracking.”

Read the full VentureBeat article here.

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