CR Picks The Winners

If you followed #BrandBowl, #AdBowl or even our own #CRSuperBowl, you would have seen thousands of advertising professionals disagreeing over the effectiveness of those $5 million dollar opportunities for brand greatness. Weeks of predictions and analysis led to those short minutes between plays. Now that the dust has settled in the social arena, we will share our POV on the top 5 winners.

1. Shocktop – Unfiltered Talk
Agency: Anomaly Toronto
Ad agency Anomaly Toronto lived up to their name of deviating from the normal, common order or rule with this spot – unfiltered talk. Who knew this little slice of vitamin C would have so much wit? Uncanny humor at its best.

2. Deathwish coffee (Intuit QuickBooks)
Agency: RPA
Brilliant strategy by Intuit QuickBooks to promote their target audience in this highly creative and well-executed spot. Directed by Isaiah Seret and animated by the visual effects company MPC, this epic Viking voyage likely cost more to produce than the coffee shop’s revenue last year. The little guy got its wish and won big in this brand bowl.

3. PayPal – There’s a New Money in Town
Agency: CP&B L.A.
This was an unexpected MVP. This typically typical brand takes a more aggressive stance on both style and message. The positioning paid out big. Old money is still sizzling from this spot and fueling the support for this brand.

4. Jeep – Portraits
Agency: Iris New York
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles went all in on their Jeep brand, and this investment had serious return. This spot is poetic, engaging the viewers with stunning photography all supporting 75 years of moments that were made with a Jeep. It is more than a vehicle–it is a story maker.

5. Budweiser – Give A Damn
Agency: Anomaly
The King of Beers featured the Academy award-winning queen Helen Mirren in this proper English lecture. Given the stage, this spot could fall on deaf ears, but instead this message broke through loud and bloody well clear.

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