Could QR Codes Make A Consumer Comeback?

QR codes have long been a running gag for advertising. Just see the Pictures of People Scanning QR-codes tumblr account. (Spoiler alert: it’s empty.)

Touted as “innovative technology,” QR codes were ubiquitous at the height of their usage in 2011. So much so that 8.4 percent of all magazine ads included them, and you’d see them pasted on resumes, signage, milk cartons and even websites (um, seriously?). Soon after, it became apparent that the majority of QR codes were rarely scanned, as the apps required to scan them were cumbersome to the public.

Then in the true melodramatic fashion of technology news, QR codes were declared dead and irrelevant. Was this the end?

Fast forward to Apple’s WWDC event yesterday. Beyond all of their flashy new product and software announcements, they quietly added a new feature to the upcoming iOS 11.

QR code scanning is coming to the native camera app for iPhone. This will put scanning functionality into the hands of millions by default. It also eliminates the hassle of using a separate app just for QR codes.

But with all of the QR hype long gone, will this feature even make a difference? Will we see a resurgence of QR codes? Let us know what you think!

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