Behind the Screens at ChappellRoberts: Lissy Anger – Senior Art Director

At ChappellRoberts, we believe we’re the perfect mix of smart, switched on individuals who come together to create an award-winning combination. Let’s take a look at some of the people behind this lethal recipe for success.

Explain what your role entails at ChappellRoberts.
I’m a Senior Art Director. I focus primarily on the art side, mostly in the digital aspects of creative. I do anything from designing a user’s experience on a website, to designing how that experience should look. No job is too small, no job is too large; you can find me doing anything from brand development to animating web banners. As a senior member, the utmost important part of my role is to be a mentor, leader and a positive role model to those around me.


What do you believe is the winning formula to ensure the work produced at ChappellRoberts keeps such a high standard?
A full keg? A loaded Nerf Gun? But seriously, there is no magic formula, pixie dust, or magic wands – it’s quite simple. It’s a team of people who are incredibly passionate and dedicated to what they do. CR seeks to find others that have that same ethic, whether it be new hires to clients. Leadership is key, they keep us inspired to run with an idea, and know when to pull us back when we’ve gone too far. Each person really holds a high standard in their heart when they walk through that door – it’s really motivating to be around.


Who is one person you would love to collaborate with? Why?
This world has been impacted in so many ways by so many brilliant people (dead and alive), and you ask me to choose just one?! Gosh, okay, here we go… It’d be really easy to say Steve Jobs, Coco Chanel or Elon Musk. These people were revolutionary. Despite his critics, Jobs did what he intended to do – make a dent in the universe. Chanel was a visionary, she completely changed women’s fashion, she was able to view women’s fashion in such a way that nobody before her ever had. Women everywhere have her to thank for jeans. Musk is making new advances into space, as well as how we use energy. These are all brilliant people who have made HUGE impacts. But to me, while all people are wonderful, there’s still one person who in the creative realm of things, stands aside from all these innovators… So, since you’re asking me to pick just one, my final answer would be Jim Henson. I think Jim Henson’s work was the most soulful. He never took no for an answer, and kept believing in himself and his ideas as well as encouraging/nurturing the ideas of others around him. I recently read a book about his career. He was meticulous with the details of his creations/collaborations. He paved the way for animatronics with taking a huge risk in the creation of Creature Lab. He was a calm, fearless leader who had the ability to empower his employees just by believing in them. Those kind of leaders are just infectious, it makes you want to work with them and to give your absolute best. Which means, you’ll get a better end result. I would have loved the opportunity to learn from and work with him, and aspire to that level of leadership.


What would your advice be to someone wanting to pursue a career in the creative industry?
Here’s a couple of my tips to not losing your mind in the creative industry:

First, no amount of book-learnin’ can prepare you for the wondrous journey that this industry can take you on. Every day you’re going to encounter a new challenge and you’re going to have to be nimble enough to devise a way to solve it. Everyday is an opportunity for you to learn something new, something that could change the way you – or the world – thinks. So make sure you take every opportunity and run with it.

Second, lots of people are going to tell you that you’re going to need to have thick skin – I disagree. Don’t deaden you emotion so that you can take criticism better. That will void the whole reason why you were hired in the first place. Be upset when people want to change something you did that was great, but recognize that you can use that emotion to make it even better.

Third, and most importantly: Learn to laugh at yourself. Learn from everyone. Wear sunscreen. Take risks. Be Brave. Have a damn opinion. Believe in yourself.

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Try and think of you most ‘wow’ moment at ChappellRoberts to date. What was it, and what made it so memorable?
Probably that one time I saw Adam Alvis create the entire front end of a landing page in under 3 hours (it was responsive, too). That was pretty neat. Pretty sure he set an agency best, if not world, record that day.


What’s a quote you live by?
“We must all face the choice between what is right, and what is easy.”
– Dumbledore


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