Behind-the-scenes of “Bucs Fever”

Major hospital system, National Football League, new Buccaneers head coach and a passionate, excited ad agency come together to make a spot. Some may ask, what was the key to success? We say, a little luck, a lot of expertise and a rigorous preparation plan. Florida Hospital’s latest 30-second commercial, “Bucs Fever,” in partnership with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was a great case study in collaboration and improvisation.

Strategy and planning.

It all starts with the idea. The purpose of the spot was to position Florida Hospital as the exclusive hospital of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Who better to represent the Bucs than head coach Lovie Smith? From there, it was the usual: concept, script, storyboard, illustration and framing. Now we had to make it real.

Ideas coming to life.

Three great organizations working together to tell a brand story – what does this involve? Not only sound methodology, but client alignment. Between the collaboration of the Florida Hospital team and the Bucs staff, our vision came to life.

Bringing the skill.

Coach Smith was a pro. Between the prep for the upcoming pre-season amongst other appearances and events, he came in, delivered his line humorously, and was friendly and professional through it all. The level of engagement that the crew, actors and client put forth together was a true translation of their individual skills and made for a genuinely memorable project.

Breaking the fever.

As it came time to “break the fever,” multiple versions were cut to evaluate which version told the story in the most compelling way. After recording the ideal voice over, working on sound design and wrapping the production process; we outlined creative ways to air the spot.

Here’s a sneak peek into our process. Check out the behind the scenes making of “Bucs Fever.”

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