Why Axing Promotional Posts on Facebook is Good for Business

Once again, Facebook is updating its news feed algorithm to the dismay of many online marketers. This time, the social giant is going after what has plagued many social platforms – overly promotional posts.

Many people – including the authors of this recent Wall Street Journal article – are saying Facebook is becoming a “pay for play” platform. While a paid strategy is important, we don’t completely agree with their angle.

This change is actually good for Facebook users.

Facebook’s main value offering is connecting users to relevant content. This update will serve to restore the balance of content and provide users with more of what they want to see. If brands adopt this change appropriately, there is no need for them to feel completely left behind.

Here’s a gut check for your social strategy:

–   Are your posts too promotional? This Mashable article outlines what Facebook will soon start eliminating from news feeds.

–   Do you know what drives your audience? Social users want valuable, engaging content, so knowing what makes your audience tick is essential.

–   Are you posting balanced content? Technically, there are ways to sell on social media, but are you balancing that with other meaningful and nonsales content?

–   Are you cross-pollinating content? Be sure Facebook is just one part of your larger digital footprint.

–   Are you testing? You can leverage Facebook’s algorithm. Track which posts are resulting in more shares and impressions … and develop your strategy with those results in mind.

With each Facebook algorithm update, impressions and reach may decline as we in the marketing world adapt. Just remember, from a user experience standpoint this is a good move. All you need to do is review your content strategy, shift as necessary and embrace this change.

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