… And Tide Wins the Super Bowl

Philly Philly! Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles for taking home the Super Bowl 52 championship – and congratulations to Tide for being the #1 commercial in last night’s AdBowl. We took an annual agency poll this morning which ranked everyone’s favorite/least favorite spots and Tide universally topped everyone’s favorite list. Poll results below. Drumroll please.


Tide, Tide, Tide, & Tide. Unexpected, simple, and powerful idea from Saatchi & Saatchi. Also very funny.

Doritos/Mountain Dew. This was a Super Bowl ad formula done right from Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

Tourism Australia — Unexpected! Funny and memorable. We now also all want to go to Australia.

Amazon Echo. Genius use of celebrities and product. Kudos Lucky Generals.

Least favorites:

RAM. Don’t use Martin Luther King to sell trucks. In what boardroom did this make sense? Next time use creativity and write your own words.

T-Mobile’s “Little Ones.” A missed opportunity from Laundry Service.

Stella Artois. “Buy this chalice with our logo on in and we’ll give some people some water.” Enough said.

All of the tax company commercials. Snoozefest.


A car brand typically makes our favorite list, but this year we weren’t in lovefest with any of the car spots. Creativity was lacking.

WeatherTech. Visually referencing the border wall to support that the company builds its products in America was a tasteless way to convey an otherwise positive message.

There you have it folks, our agency ranking. But we want to hear from you! In case you missed any, below is a compilation of all the spots. Tell us your favorite/least favorite!

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