An Ad Creative’s Take on Super Bowl Sunday

I cried because my team lost, not because of an ad.

While superfans and partygoers get hyped for The Big Game, brands across the globe have been strategically crafting stories to trigger one of the six basic emotions to connect with the 100 million viewers.

As if competing with bathroom breaks and the second screen during the game wasn’t hard enough. Fans will already be on an emotional rollercoaster – some will experience happiness after the first touchdown. If it’s a good game, many will fear a turnover that turns into the surprise of a long field goal that is “goooood!!!!” There will be sadness because of an injury. Then there’s that pass. That pass to the end zone from the red zone with two seconds left. It’s dropped. Anger. The losing team is now overwhelmed with disgust.

Much like the game, this year’s ad line up will surely trigger a range of emotions. From politics to Pop-Tarts, brands will display their mastery of creative techniques designed to make you lol, lmao and tell your best friend to stfu.

In 2016, a shorter ad pod format was implemented to reduce commercial breaks and help speed up the game viewing experience. As a result, the long-form sixty-second ad emerged. The extra time allows brands to weave in more character development, plot and narrative with the intent of driving beyond how you feel after the first half. This year we will see more sixty-second spots due to a new ad unit called the “floater.” With all the long-form spots available, this year is more likely to feel like a film festival than commercial breaks.

From rich cinematic storytelling to direct product spots, you can expect ads to cause more tears than your best friend’s habanero dip.

I expect to see some nail-biting speed from automakers, surprise upon surprise celeb cameos, and maybe a few eye rolls from missing the culture mark. Get ready for brand causes which cause us to cry, some anger-inducing debates and I hope most of all, smile-inducing humor.

Good luck to the teams, fans and brands.

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