Alma Mater Inspiration

Each year, my Alma Mater, Ringling College of Art and Design, hosts senior shows around graduation time and this year I had the pleasure to attend. There was palpable energy, the talent was fresh and the excitement was flowing throughout the spaces (including some artfully designed new buildings). As an Adjunct Professor at Ringling, I have had opportunities to interact with the talent students of all levels. Seeing the work this class of seniors put forward was truly energizing.

Business of Art and Design

This program touts being at the intersection of art, design and business and the people needed to bring a creative vision to life. The work these students share conforms that position. These students could find careers include working in film, animation, theater, marketing and advertising and across many other industries. You will see these students brand themselves as “Creative Entrepreneurs.” Most created a film that showcases their work while at Ringling.

A sampling of Business of Art and Design student work:

Andres Broenni. He specializes in film. Look at the 2017 reel.

Caroline Goble is more hands on design than others in this class. Her professor said she is a business minded creative.

Graphic Design

This program is near and dear to me since I majored in Graphic Design. This program continues to rank among the nation’s top and this class shows that level of excellence.

Some of the talented designers that shared their work:

 Brooke Vanschaick

Alyssa Gibson (the PINC video is beautiful)

Carsyn Schares (very illustrative)

Haley LaFerne (nice body of work)

Silpa Joe (Burger King campaign)

The Adidas Concept

Tyler Johnson Brown

Laura Guzman

Motion Design

There is a graduating class of 24 in Motion Design. Each student had a monitor in the new library space showing his or her reels. About half of this graduating class already has been hired.

Check out some of the talented student work.

The work that came out of this senior show was really great. I hope exploring their work gives you an inspiration boost!

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