Agency with Heart – Nonprofit Clients and Passion Projects

As 2017 draws to a close, organizations in the Tampa Bay region and beyond are pushing their year-end asks for donations and support. It really is the best time of year to get involved, but at ChappellRoberts, our nonprofit investment looks extremely hands-on all year round.

Organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Feeding Tampa Bay, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, the Florida Cancer Specialists Foundation, and Florida Hospital are among our nonprofit clients coming from various industries and backgrounds.

Kaitlyn Loos, one of our assistant account executives, works closely with Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. She feels an emotional connection to these nonprofits’ missions and celebrates every success right along with them..

“The Big Brothers Big Sisters National Conference was a great example of this,” Kaitlyn said. “I’d been in the weeds of tedious details for the run of show for weeks leading up to the event, flying over with spreadsheets in tow, knowing backwards and forwards who would be speaking and receiving awards. What I wasn’t expecting was how much the personal accounts from the speakers would tug on my heart strings.”

To work diligently on any project, one must find a sincere, captivating interest in it. One of our account executives, Anne Myers, often discovers a sincere personal interest in her nonprofit clients.

“Causes that help children are near and dear to my heart,” Anne said. “Children are so innocent, and so much of our lives are shaped by our childhood. If we can touch a child’s live and help improve it in any way, then that is success.”

While we strive to put in the same heart and soul to each of our clients – nonprofit or not – there are naturally ways nonprofit clients differ from working with other clients. One of our senior account executives, Laura Ruden, has worked with nonprofit clients of ours, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research.

“It’s a different type of satisfaction and a different approach,” Laura said. “It’s also always interesting and evolving because it includes highly emotional storytelling, lead nurturing and fundraising all in one.”

Each client we partner with at ChappellRoberts becomes like family to us – we truly become an extension of their team, learning the ins and outs of their business and finding the best ways to help them reach their goals. This type of work in general is fulfilling, especially when we know we’re partnering with organizations who help leave the world a better place than how we found it, together.

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