#AdBowl: Hit or Miss?

In the advertising world, the biggest buzzword in January is the Super Bowl. The most anticipated moment of the year for many. Our biggest questions: which brand will be the commercial winner and which brands won’t quite make it to the end zone?

Tallying the opinions of my colleagues and #CRSuperBowl, Mr. Clean was a unanimous winner. #MrClean got down and dirty and the fans liked it!

A few others on the winning team this year: the car manufactures. In an industry full of competition, these brands showed some game.


And for the epic fail of the night, we found Sprint’s “Extreme Measures” commercial to be a unanimous loser. How many companies need to fail before brands will stop referencing death during the Super Bowl?

Also on the losing team:

KFC Gold
Yellow Tail

And finally we give an honorable mention to Pepsi for sponsoring Lady Gaga’s great performance!

We’ll be back next year with our annual live commentary on the Super Bowl spots. #CRSuperBowl @ChappellRoberts

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