A Scholarship of Support

In college, everyone wants to change the world. They want to do something that matters. They want to be important. But soon enough, we students come back down to reality when we realize that our dreams have tangible costs. Those financial costs are what led me to pursue the Deanne Dewey Roberts Scholarship.

When I was awarded the scholarship, I expected to receive financial assistance for my tuition. What I actually received was so much more. I gained a network of people who saw my potential and wanted to help me nurture it. I received sage career advice, opportunities to learn and advance my career, and guidance from seasoned professionals.

With the money I receive from ChappellRoberts, my tuition will be paid in full. Because I’m not pinching pennies to pay for my education, I have more time to focus on the opportunities that my university and community have provided me with: such as serving as a tour guide on campus, working as an intern and taking advantage of volunteer opportunities outside of school.

I hope to one day be able to pay this gift forward by providing scholarship opportunities of my own to students with the desire for education without the financial means to make it happen. Through this scholarship, my opportunities have been broadened and I am becoming not only the best student I can be, but also the best person I can be.


Bryana Wall (center) is a student at the University of South Florida and will be graduating in 2016 with a degree in mass communications.

As the founder of ChappellRoberts, Deanne’s dedication to the community lives on through her personal scholarship funds at the University of South Florida and Jesuit High School. Deanne was passionate about the support and mentorship of young people. Since its first award in 2010, the University of South Florida Deanne Roberts Scholarship has provided inspiration and opportunity to five strikingly talented students. Read more about them here.

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