A Quest for Metal

Award season is upon us and many agencies are spending thousands in entry fees and dusting off their shelves in eager anticipation of a win. As industry professionals, what is the motivation for our obsession with award shows year after year? Some would say ego, pure and simple.

To us, client results are the ultimate measure of great creative work. Work that changes consumer behavior or turns the tide on brand awareness is the work that’s deserving of accolades. The idea that beautifully creative work can be smart and effective, too? There are, in fact, some prestigious shows that measure both. The Communicator Awards are a perfect example. Measuring innovation, craft and results, they provide both winners and their clients appropriate recognition – a testament that their work is well-regarded by peers and industry leaders alike. New judging categories in the web marketing and online video sections illustrate an important progression in the shows’ significance. Given our industry’s ongoing shift to digital – it’s important that we’re measuring digital work on a consistent basis. Clients want to see results and they want to see them fast.

The ultimate goal of awards should be to humbly take that win back to your clients, illustrating to them the deserved recognition of a collaborative effort. “Hollywood has its Oscars. Television has its Emmy’s. Broadway has its Tonys. And advertising has its Clios. And its Andys, Addys, Effies and Obies. And 117 other assorted awards. And those are just the big ones.” – Joanne Lipman, Author and Media Advisor

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