A Journey into Mass Communications and the Amazing Impact a Scholarship Can Have

Written by Kristen Pensinger, 2016 Deanne Dewey Roberts Scholarship recipient

The pathway that led me to receive the Deanne Dewey Roberts Scholarship was a winding one, but it’s also one that has taught me to pay attention to my heart when my happiness is at stake.

About three years deep into my pre-med program at the University Of South Florida, I was acing all of my classes and picking up work as a chemistry tutor on the side. To an outsider, I’m sure I looked like I was headed for a job in health care.

Each winter break, I went home and the feeling was stronger every time that the profession I was headed for was not going to make me happy. I had a good heart-to-heart with my father and told him my heart was not in medicine.

I began a second major in Mass Communications and found courses than engaged my true passion. I first learned about this major during my freshman orientation at USF. Hearing about what mass communications coursework entailed and what you can do in this profession sparked an interest that stuck with me throughout my undergraduate experience. After researching the diversity, flexibility and creativity of this career path, I felt more comfortable to make such a drastic change halfway through my junior year.

I now know that I was always meant to pursue a career in public relations, I just didn’t have the courage to admit it until my happiness was on the line. My varied undergraduate experience boils down to this: Some of the best decisions you can make in life don’t come easy. They take time and effort and maybe a little bravery.

My passion for the mass communications field and my financial need are what encouraged me to pursue the Deanne Dewey Roberts Scholarship.

This award is a reflection of hard work, passion and innovation. To me, it’s about the power that one person has to inspire themselves enough to make a difference in their own life and the lives of others. I hope to reflect Deanne’s drive, leadership and creativity in my own career path. If I can emulate even a fraction of her accomplishments, I will be happy!

I am so grateful to ChappellRoberts for supplying me with the encouragement and financial resources I need to graduate. I would not be able to complete my final semester without the amazing support of this organization.

It was an honor to receive such a warm welcome, I am ecstatic to be a member of the ChappellRoberts family!

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