5 Changes to Make before Facebook Updates Pages

When Facebook announced new layout changes a few weeks ago, all of the Internet groaned in unison: Again?!

If you haven’t heard by now, the social network everyone hates to love will be updating the format of Pages. The timeline-style layout will be ditched in favor of a streamlined, single-column feed and apps will no longer be situated directly under the cover photo, among several other tweaks.

When will these changes happen? Facebook has been rolling them out slowly, so these updates could technically happen (cue spooky voice) at any moment.

Facebook Updates

So if you manage a Facebook page, here are the top five ways to prepare for the impending transition:

1. Update your About description – The About section is getting some new real estate. While the format will stay the same, it’s now featured prominently in the left-hand column. Double check your info to be sure everything’s correct and current.

2. Clean up your Cover Photo – Your cover photo is about to get a bit cluttered, as the Like and subscribe buttons will now overlay it. Take another look at your design to ensure these buttons don’t get lost when the page layout changes.

3. Make your social images bigger – The timeline post width is increasing from 403px to 511px. Make sure any future images you post meet these specs so your following can enjoy them in all their full-resolution glory.

4. Add Pages to your Watch List – A new way to keep an eye on your competitors, the Watch List allows you to track the page likes, posting habits and engagement of up to five other Facebook pages. Now you can keep your Facebook likes close, but your enemies closer!

5. Revisit your App design – In the new layout, your cover photo will remain static across all of your tabs – including apps. This makes it even more crucial to have important information viewable above the fold within your app’s design.

And if that wasn’t enough social media shakeup for your day, just know that Twitter updates will be coming soon as well!

Have any other coping mechanisms for dealing with Facebook changes? Share them in the comments!


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