2018: A More Serious Super Bowl?

Large sporting events and their advertising often provide a cultural snapshot. The tone, safety standards, audience dress, game traditions and player promotion – all indicate how our country looks, feels and is evolving.

Every year, our country’s social changes, politics and technology advances are reflected not only in the products we advertise, but also in the overall tone of the ads.

There was no shortage of polarizing events and controversies in 2017, so we should expect some of these to reflect on the Super Bowl and its commercials.

Here are some of the main influencers that may contribute to a more serious tone this Super Bowl – on and off the field. We’re expecting to see these top headline events be integrated into this year’s Super Bowl spots.

1) Take a Knee – We’re not looking to get into a debate on right or wrong. Whatever your view may be, expect this political and societal statement will be front and center this Super Bowl.

2) #MeToo and #Times Up – The additional voices, awareness and universal entertainment industry backing will strongly infuse these movements into this year’s spots and game conversation.

3) Heightened Corporate Social Responsibility – A good product isn’t always enough with specific consumer segments. We’ll be seeing more spots looking to make an emotional connection with viewers, along with illustrating a positive societal impact.

4) Athlete/Celebrity blacklist – With recent sexual misconduct allegations brought against T.J. Miller – will we see him in Shock Top’s spots again? Unlikely. Athlete sponsorships and celebrity appearances are more than just a fun addition – they are going to create big brand statements.

5) Social Conversation – As always, the buzz will continue to grow before, during and after the game on social media. This year, our money is on even more conversation surrounding brand or athlete core values.

We’ll be going live the week of the Super Bowl discussing all of the above, the top ads of all time and more. Check out our Facebook page and follow the conversation across our social outlets with #CRSuperBowl.

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