10 Year Challenge: From Agency Intern to Senior Director

A decade.

That’s how long I’ve been with ChappellRoberts. This industry has evolved, my role has elevated, the clients I have worked with have changed. But ten things that have remained the same:

1. The Culture Our hiring process prioritizes culture first. I couldn’t be more grateful for this tenacious and authentic team.

2. Social Media When I helped launch our social media division, MySpace was still a thing. I spent most of my time making a business case for social engagement. Now, I get the chance to collaborate with big brands and see true communities come to life.

3. Leadership Tenure – Ten years is a long time, but it is nothing compared to some of our other leaders. I value their steady guidance and mentorship.


Me and Colleen Chappell, my mentor and agency leader

4. Be Myself – It’s incredible to work in an environment surrounded by diverse perspectives. Individuals don’t always agree, but authenticity is at the core of what we do.

5. Amazing Clients I’ve assisted national clients such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to make a difference. I helped people find their dream homes with Newland. When you learn from and work with the best, it helps you become your best.

Celebrating with our Newland team

6. Family First
– I’m a mom of two young boys and my work’s flexibility always astonishes my friends and family. There is never a question that Family Always Comes First.

Our baby shower at the agency


7. Make My Own Path Work hard, raise your hand, envision your dream and go for it. There is always somewhere to go and ways to grow here.

Katy and I were both promoted this year to Senior Director of Account Strategy


8. Voice Always Heard – Even as an intern, my thoughts mattered to others. I never sat in a room silent since then.

9. Constant Learning – I never thought a small business would send me all over the country to learn from the best. The agency always invests in strategic opportunities – such as D.C. conferences about digital public relations or SXSW Interactive.


Me at SXSW


10. Ideas – Invite me to brainstorm and you’ll get ideas — the good and the crazy. But in our agency, everyone is creative and contributes. It’s my passion – it’s what I love to do.

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